The Best Acer Chromebook C7 Battery

Finding your suitable readers for acer chromebook c7 battery is not easy. You may need consider between hundred or thousand products from many store. In this article, we make a short list of the best readers for acer chromebook c7 battery including detail information and customer reviews. Let’s find out which is your favorite one.

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6Cell Battery fit Acer Aspire One 756 AO756 V5-171 725, TravelMate B113 B113M B113-M, fit Acer C7/ C710 Chromebook Series, fit AL12X32 AL12A31 AL12B31 AL12B32 [11.1V 5200mAh/58Wh] -Futurebatt

Last update was on: Monday, September 7, 2020

Compatible Models:

Acer Aspire One 756
Acer Aspire One AO756 Series
Acer Aspire One V5-171 Series
Acer Aspire One 725 Series
Acer TravelMate B113 Series
Acer TravelMate B113M Series
Acer TravelMate B113-M Series
Acer C7 Chromebook Series
Acer C710 Chromebook Series

Compatible part numbers:

Acer AL12X32
Acer AL12A31
Acer AL12B31
Acer AL12B32

Use “Ctrl” + “F” to find your models

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Aluo AL12B32 14.8V37WH/2500mAh Replacement Laptop Battery for Acer Chromebook C7 C710 TravelMate B113 B113M B113-M Aspire V5-121 V5-131 V5-17 Aspire One 725 756 Series

Last update was on: Monday, September 7, 2020

Aluo AL12B32 14.8V37WH/2500mAh Replacement Laptop battery For Acer Chromebook C7 C710 TravelMate B113 B113M B113-M Aspire V5-121 V5-131 V5-17 Aspire One 725 756 Series

Yafda AL12B32 4-Cell New Laptop Battery for Acer Aspire One 725 756 Aspire V5-121 V5-131 V5-171 TravelMate B1 B113 B113-E B113-M Chromebook C7/AC710 Series 14.8V37Wh/2500mAh

Last update was on: Monday, September 7, 2020

Yafda is committed to creat high quality products,we use Grade A cells , it ensure fast charges and low power consumption.


Capacity : 37Wh/2500mAh
Voltage : 14.8V
Color: Black

Compatible Models:

for Acer Aspire One 725 Series
for Acer Aspire One 756 Series
for Acer Aspire V5-121 Series
for Acer Aspire V5-131 Series
for Acer Aspire V5-171 Series
for Acer TravelMate B1 Series
for Acer TravelMate B113 Series
for Acer TravelMate B113-E Series
for Acer TravelMate B113-M Series
for Acer C7/AC710 Chromebook Series

Compatible Part Numbers :

AL12A31, AL12B31, AL12B32, AL12B72, AL12X32, KT.00403.004, KT.00407.002, AK.004BT.098

Note :

Please make sure if this battery suit for your laptop or not before place an order.

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Warranty: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee / 12-month worry free warranty for our product.

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Laptop_battery 6 Cell 11.1V 5200mAh ACER Notebook Laptop Battery Replacement for ACER 756 v5-171 B113 c70 c710 AL12X32 AL12A31 AL12B31 AL12B32 Battery Ship from USA by Laptop_Battery

Last update was on: Monday, September 7, 2020

About Bay Valley Parts
Bay Valley Parts is a production sales in one of the manufacturers professional production sales of notebook batteries. Wish you a happy shopping thank you.

Replacement For Acer notebooks
AL12X32, AL12A31, AL12B31, AL12B32

Fit Machine Models Acer notebooks
Aspire One 756
TravelMate B113 Series
TravelMate B113M Series
TravelMate B113-M Series
C7 Chromebook Series
C710 Chromebook Series
Aspire One V5-171 Series
Aspire One 725 Series

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45W AC Charger Fit for Acer Chromebook C7 C710 AC710 C710-2847 C710-2856 C710-2457 C710-2815 C710-2833 C710-2834;AC700-1099 AC700-1529 C710-2055 Laptop Adapter Power Supply Cord

Last update was on: Monday, September 7, 2020

Batterytec Laptop Battery for ACER Aspire One 725 756 V5-171, ACER TravelMate B113 B113M B113-M, ACER C7 C710 Chromebook, AL12X32 AL12A31 AL12B31 AL12B32.

Last update was on: Monday, September 7, 2020

This Laptop Battery can replace the following part number:

AL12X32 AL12A31 AL12B31 AL12B32

This Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:

ACER Aspire One 756
ACER Aspire One 725 Series
ACER Aspire One V5-171 Series
ACER TravelMate B113 Series
ACER TravelMate B113M Series
ACER TravelMate B113-M Series
ACER C7 Chromebook Series
ACER C710 Chromebook Series

Gomarty 19V 3.42A PA-1700-02 AC Adapter Power Supply for Acer Chromebook C7 C710 C710-2847 C710-2856 C710-2457 C710-2815 C710-2833 C710-2834 PA-1650-01 PA-1650-02 PA-1650-22 ADP-65DB PA-1650-69

Last update was on: Monday, September 7, 2020

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee,12 Months Warranty!!!

Ship next business day,Shipping from US.

Compatible P/No.:

PA-1480-19Q PA-1500-02 PA-1600-02 PA-1650-01 PA-1650-02 PA-1650-22 PA-1650-69 PA-1650-86 PA-1700-02 ADP-65DB

ADP-65HB ADT-W61 SADP-65KB HP-OK066B13 API2AD02 177626-001 180676-001 198713-001 222113-001

Aspire 830 5253-BZ692 5315-2713 5515-5879 5570-2609 3000LM 5250-0639 5250-BZ436 5253-BZ849 5520-5741 5520-5762 5552-6838 5595 5733Z-4851 5742-64105742-7620 5742Z-4630

6920-6886 7736Z-4015 AS5250-0468 5736Z-4016 5736Z-4460 5830T 7540-5750 7560-SB416 7715Z AS5253-BZ602 AS5349-2899 AS5750-6636 E1-470P-6659 E1-571 S3-371-6636 V5-531-4644

Emachines D727 E440 E442 E520 E525 E527 E528 E620 E625 E627

Acer ChromeBook
AC700-1099 AC700-1529 AC710 C7 C700 C710 C710-2055 C710-2411 C710-2457 C710-2815 C710-2826 C710-2833 C710-2834 C710-2847 C710-2856

ACER LC-T2801-006, ACER LC.ADT01.001, ACER AP.T3503.002,ACER AP.06501.006, Delta SADP-65KB (REV.B), Winbook EA1060B19-13

Fit for Laptop Model:

Acer Aspire 1410 1640 1640Z 1650 1650Z 1680 1690

Acer Aspire 2000 2010 2020 3000 3050 Ferrari 1000

Acer TravelMate 230 280 290 290D 290E 2300 2310 2350 2400 2410 2420 2430 2450 2460 2480 2490

Acer TravelMate 370 380 620 3000 3010 3020 3030 3040 3200 3210 3210Z 3220 3260 3270 3300

Acer TravelMate 4000 4010 4020 4050 4060 C210 C300 C310 MS2103

ARyee 19V 2.15A 5.5 X 1.7mm AC Adapter Laptop Charger Power Supply for Acer Chromebook C7 AC700 C700 C710,Acer Aspire One D250 D255 D255E D257 D260 KAV10 KAV60 NAV50 Z5WAH ZA3 ZE6 ZG5 ZG8

Last update was on: Monday, September 7, 2020

Voltage:19V 2.15A
Connector Tip:5.5 X 1.7mm
Package:1 x adapter and 1 x power cord

Compatible Models:( Ctrl + F for fast search Your laptop model)
Acer Aspire V5-121 V5-122P V5-123 V5-131 V5-132P V5-171 E1-522 E1-532P E1-572P E3-111 E5-511P E5-571 E5-571P ES1-511; MS2384 MS2377 MS2381
Acer Aspire V5-122P-0408 V5-122P-0468 V5-122P-0600 V5-122P-0637 V5-122P-0643 V5-122P-0649 V5-122P-0681 V5-122P-0857 V5-122P-0862 V5-122P-0864
Acer Aspire One 722 725 756 522 533 532h D270 D257 D255 D255e D250 D260 D150 A110 HAPPY; AO756 AO722 AO725 AOD270 AOD257 AO532h AOA150; Zg5 KAV60 NAV50 ZA3 Kav10 PAV70 MS2377 AP.04001.002ADP-40TH A

1 year warranty, 30 Days money return guarantee JUST BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!

65W 19V 3.42A AC Power Adapter Charger for Acer Chromebook 11 13 14 15 R11 CB3-131-C3SZ C720-2103 CB5-571-C1DZ CB3-111-C670 CB5-132T-C1LK C730E-C4BA; Aspire One Cloudbook 11 14 AO1-131-C7DW C9PM

Last update was on: Monday, September 7, 2020

Buy with confidence! Direct from Manufacturer. High performance. Affordable price!

Tips: You can use “Ctrl+F” to find your own model or part number.

Compatible Models:

Acer Chromebook R 11 C720 C720P C730E C738T C740 CB3 CB5: CB3-111-C4HT CB3-111-C670 CB3-111-C6EQ CB3-111-C8UB CB3-131-C3SZ CB3-131-C3VC CB5-132T-C1LK CB5-132T-C32M CB5-132T-C8ZW C720-2103 C720-2420 C720-2800 C720-2802 C720-2827 C720-2844 C720-2848 C720-3404 C720-3605 C720-3871 C720P-2457 C720P-2600 C720P-2625 C720P-2661 C720P-2666 C720P-2834 C738T-C44Z C740-C3P1 C740-C4PE

Acer Chromebook 13 C810 CB5: C810-T7ZT CB5-311-T1UU CB5-311-T677 CB5-311-T7NN CB5-311-T9B0 CB5-311-T9Y2 CB5-311P-T9AB

Chromebook 14 CB3-431: CB3-431-C5EX CB3-431-C5FM CB3-431-C5XK

Chromebook 15 C910 CB3 CB5: C910-3916 C910-54M1 C910-C37P C910-C453 CB3-531-C4A5 CB5-571-362Q CB5-571-C09S CB5-571-C1DZ CB5-571-C4G4 CB5-571-C4T3 CB5-571-C5XU CB5-571-C6DL CB5-571-C9DH

Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11 14: AO1-131 AO1-131M AO1-431 AO1-431M: AO1-131-C620 AO1-131-C7DW AO1-131-C9PM AO1-131-C9RK AO1-431-C3TM AO1-431-C7F9 AO1-431-C8G8

Aspire S5 S7 S5-371 S5-391 S7-191 S7-391 S7-392 S7-393: S5-371-52JR S5-391-6419 S5-391-6495 S5-391-6836 S5-391-9860 S5-391-9880 S7-191-6400 S7-191-6447 S7-191-6640 S7-191-6859 S7-391-6413 S7-391-6468 S7-391-6478 S7-391-6810 S7-391-6812 S7-391-6818 S7-391-6822 S7-391-9411 S7-391-9427 S7-391-9492 S7-391-9839 S7-391-9886 S7-392-5401 S7-392-6803 S7-392-6807 S7-392-6832 S7-392-7863 S7-392-7885 S7-392-9404 S7-392-9439 S7-392-9460 S7-392-9890 S7-393-7451

Aspire R 14 13 R5-471T R7-371T R7-372T: R5-471T-51UN R5-471T-52EE R5-471T-71W2 R7-371T-50V5 R7-371T-50ZE R7-371T-59L6 R7-371T-59ZK R7-372T-77LE

Aspire V 13 V3-331 V3-371 V3-372T: V3-331-P0QW V3-371-51UJ V3-371-56R5 V3-371-57JZ V3-371-596F V3-372T-5051

UpBright 19V 40W AC/DC Adapter Compatible with Acer C7 C710-2847 C7102847 C710-2605 C7102605 Aspire One AO756-987BXkk Leader IU40-11190-011S Chromebook Notebook PC Power Supply Battery Charger

Last update was on: Monday, September 7, 2020

UpBright NEW Global 19V 40W AC / DC Adapter Compatible with Acer C7 C710-2847 C7102847 C710-2605 C7102605 Aspire One AO756-987BXkk Leader Electronic LEI Laptop IU40-11190-011S Chromebook Notebook PC Power Supply Cord Cable PS Battery Charger Mains PSU CECCCROHS 100-240


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